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Since 2012 we do amazing tours in Moscow for amazing people from all over the world

Our Story

In 2012 we’ve decided to create a site where people can find general information about Moscow. Surprisingly, there were only a few sites in English with facts about Russia’s capital and all off them contained wrong or outdated information. Even reading Lonely Planet guide about Moscow today will lead you to conclusion that author never actually was in Russia. We heart Moscow idea was born at the moment we realized that creating better and responsible source of information is possible and necessary.

So we’ve made our own online guide to help travelers in the city, giving them necessary information, to keep the track of public events for expats that moved to Moscow from abroad. Our articles are being viewed by more than 50 000 readers every month. We created a site that unites people who love Moscow and pay interest to it.

Later, an idea of making private city tours appeared. Why not only give people information online but also show Moscow’s best spots and attractions live, on city streets and boulevards? So we’ve made our excursions and today we host around 60 of them every month in English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and other languages.

We heart Moscow is to date the most advanced Moscow guide for English-speaking users and market leader in private tours. With our site and our services we show you the real capital of Russia.

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